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Jambola Liquid is a comprehensive unique combination of different time tested herbs to control ecess sugar level. It contains herbs which stimulate secretion from pancreas, act as agents to normalize blood sugar and give good effect in lowering both blood sugar as well as urine sugar level.

  1. 1
    A) Type II Diabetic Patients
    B) Type I Diabetic Patients
    C)Very effective in newly detected diabetics upto 200mg fasting.
  2. 2
    Dosage Prescribed
    For different categories of diabetic patients
     A) Patients with blood sugar level between 140- 200mg / dl ( May or May not on oral

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    Start Jambola Liquid 15ml twice a day morning empty stomach & at night before sleep.
    Periodically check

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    blood sugar & follow the routine diet & life style as recommended by the physicians.

     B) Patients with blood sugar level between 200mg –300mg/dl ( mostly on synthetic oral hypoglycemic )
    Start Jambola Liquid 20ml in dosages morning empty stomach & at night before sleep ( Initially
    along with recommended allopathic medicine if any ) please check blood sugar & observe response for blood sugar level . Gradually put check on intake of dosage of allopathic medicines with recommendations from physician
    ( follow the diet routine & life style as recommended by the physicians )
     C) Patient with blood sugar level above 300mg/dl ( Mostly on insulin or multi oral hypoglycemic therapy )
    start jambola Liquid 20 to 25mg in the morning empty stomach & at Night before sleep. Check blood sugar & observing response Gradually reducing the units of insulin or dosage of allopathic medicines. Change in Diet & modification in life style is advisable for diabetic patients.
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    Actions and Usage benefits
    1) Corrects Digestion & Metabolism
    2) Tones up efficiency & health of pancreatic tissues ; regulates insulin secretion.
    3) Check over fatigue
    4) Blood Purifier wound healer.
    5) Prevents complication & tones functions of kidney eyes & nerves.
    6) Regulates blood sugar level & free from risk of hypoglycemia.
  4. 4
    Dietary Advice & Life style
    1) Avoid Sweets, Food products containing refined carbohydrates, glucose and sugar.
    2) Restrict usage of potatoes, sugar beats etc.
    3) Restrict Sweet fruits, fried food & meat , eggs preparation.
    4) Freely take coarse cereals, green vegetables & fibre rich diet.
    5) Always walk 3 to 4 km a day, do yoga & exercise daily as advised by experts.
    6) Avoid stress, strain & intake of Alcohol.
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    For Order

    available in a packing of 450ml & 1litre bottle in Liquid

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